We provide the most important measurements to assist our customers in finding the best costumes and apparel for their body types.  In this industry,  a few simple adjustments are usually necessary for a dancer to achieve her personalized fit.  If an item's measurements are close to your own,  please be aware that the adjustments will not greatly affect the overall look.  If additional measurements are needed, we will happily furnish them upon request.

For skirts and pants, measure the widest area around the hips to ensure your measurements are within the given range.
High Hip
For costumes, this is where the top of the belt (or full costume bottom) sits.  This point is usually lower on the hips than standard pants and skirts.  Find the most flattering place around the hips where you want your costume to sit and use that measurement for the high hip.

Rib Cage
Bra measurement around the rib cage or chest

Cup Size
The actual cup size of the costume is given.  However, the addition or removal of padding makes most bras suitable for a range of sizes.

  • For full costumes, the measurement is from the high hip
  • Pants are measured from the inseam to the floor
  • If the belt is attached to the skirt, the measurement is taken from the bottom of the belt to the floor unless specified otherwise