Security Notice is committed to maintaining the privacy of our customer's information. We have instituted a privacy policy detailing our commitment to customer privacy. We process payments with industry leader, which is noted for its utmost privacy policy. 

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Credit card, billing and shipping information is sent for processing through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), verified by SSL is the industry standard technology for secure online transactions. A simple way to know your transmission is protected is by referencing the URL. If it starts with "https://" you can be assured that it is using SSL. Transactions are processed only from secure browsers. These browsers encrypt the information sent using SSL, which scrambles the data to make it extremely difficult for anyone who intercepts the information to read it. Transmissions from E-Store to Authorize.Net are also encrypted and sent via dedicated leased private circuits.
We do not keep any credit card information on our site for security purposes and to ensure secure shopping, safe from hackers-guaranteed. We do not share, sell or trade our customer's or potential customer's information to other businesses or individuals. We will not bombard you with email (spam) unrelated to your order or put you on any type of email list. We do not conduct business this way. We firmly believe that our high quality products, competitive prices and professional service is enough to bring you back.